Beethoven Toddler
1.5 to 2.5 years old

Beethoven Toddlers program is a fun and interactive class that your little ones (and even you!) would enjoy. Children start to run, jump, point to pictures, verbalise and speak 2-word sentences. At this stage, children enjoy role-playing and mimics real-life situation through play.

 Fun activities to expose children with environment enriching their senses.

★ Colors

★ Textures

★ Sounds

Course Advantages

It offers a creative and unique introduction to classical music with these exciting themes:

Safari Adventure: A fun activity where children get to enjoy their art skills through drawing, colouring, and making simple artworks to develop their fine motor skills. They also learn to identify different animals visually, through music and learn to make animal sounds too!

Dixieland and Tales: An exciting activity where children get to enjoy storytelling, accompanied by classical music to fuel their imagination and involvement through role-playing. Plus, they can listen and enjoy the upbeat remix of classical music by Cuban Brothers and the likes.