Bach Lab
3.5 years old and above

Piano class does not have to be a one-on-one approach. The Bach Lab class allows your child to enjoy piano lessons in a fun social group setting.

Aside from basic music concepts, basic composition, instrument exploration, and basic improvisation, we will equip your child with proper piano techniques which will give them the edge in piano playing.


Course Advantages

The Bach Lab class is designed to let your child learn piano, have fun, and make friends at the same time. We have different themes and methodology to let them enjoy music more:

Instruments of the Orchestra: Expose your child to the different tone colours of the orchestra instruments. Your child will be able to identify different musical instruments (from different families such as Keyboard, Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion) by the way it looks, the way it sounds, and its exact place in an orchestra setup.

Genre of Music: Music comes in different groups and even style. Let your child learn, be amazed and have a chance to play in different music ensembles. Aside from the chance of learning with friends, children will learn teamwork, balance, rhythm, timing and performance etiquette.

Carl Off Ensemble: Music does not only mean playing piano. This program combines music, movement, speech and drama into lessons which are natural to children. With this approach, children recognize the importance of rhythm and exposure to different range of percussion instruments.

Suzuki Method: Similar to language, your child can learn music through listening, observation, imitation and constant repetition until they master how to play the musical pieces. Children will become more comfortable with their instruments and will learn techniques through playing popular pieces even before learning to read.